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Provide the highest quality compounded medication to patients, physicians, clinic, hospitals, and centers throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and USA.


Twenty Script Compounding Pharmacy today launched its new brand identity, with a redefined tagline ‘Working together towards the future of personalised health care and personal care’. The new identity reflects our passion to focus on research and development of customized health care, personal care products and various drug delivery systems to bring innovative pharmaceutical solutions to the health care and personal care industry. Twenty Script Compounding Pharmacy prides itself by bringing quality products to service our physicians and clients worldwide. Twenty Script Compounding Pharmacy has made it our mission to put our customers first and to constantly evaluate and improve our formulations.”


Working closely with physicians and clients, we can provide specialty compounding for a wide variety of needs. Our expertise is supported by research and development of professional compounding bodies in the world. Raw materials at Twenty Script Compounding Pharmacy are sourced internationally from reliable chemical suppliers. Our laboratory is fitted with ‘cutting edge’ equipment and our compounding is performed by qualified, licensed pharmacists and technicians who have undergone extensive training in the art of pharmacy compounding. We are committed to prepare our products in line with international standards USP 795 (Pharmaceutical Non- Sterile Preparations) and MOH regulations.

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